Friday, 21 October 2011

keeping cool in Sing-lah

Isn't this house the best! On a hot day we have to make do with Leichhardt Aquatic Centre to cool down, but this would be oh so amazing. Having lived in Singapore for a few years I know how hot and humid it can be most of the time with average temperatures of 28C - 32C every day! This is a beautiful way of being able to enjoy the open space and outdoor surroundings rather than hiding inside with the doors shut and the air-con on full blast. Designed by Wallflower Architecture + Design the house won an award in the independent house category at 10. Design Award of Architects in Singapore.  Warning: not very child friendly!

Here's a bit more information from Modern Architecture & Design News:
'This project is hidden from the eyes of the passers-by as it is surrounded by trees and bushes. The owner had wanted a contemporary home that prioritized environmental coolness to be able to enjoy the luscious tropical surroundings. The supporting structure was designed to offer maximal possible open space and a panoramic view. Inside, the house is full of ponds which are the natural cooling feature for the whole space. A beautiful spiral staircase leads to the roof. An interesting feature of the house is also a circular window in the roof through which the sun rays go through the water and light the main entrance.'

Photos: Modern Architecture & Design News

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