Thursday, 27 October 2011

The Bale

Looking over my iphoto collection recently, I came across some pics from a work trip to Bali a few years ago.  The trip was to basically check out the new 'landscape design' competition in the Balinese resort world and I went under cover as a soon-to-be bride looking for the perfect wedding location.  It may have been a bit suspicious in that I had 4 work colleagues from the Balinese office along with me studiously taking notes and pictures (I must have appeared very important!), but all the resorts were very gracious and happy to show us around.  Indeed a dream work perk for me to see the latest and greatest designs Bali had to offer.

One of the boutique hotels that stood out for me was The Bale in Nusa Dua.  Designed by American Landscape Architect Karl Princic who is known for his understated yet luxurious tropical garden concepts, the resort has just 29 blissful villas each with their own swimming pool - the ideal honeymoon getaway.  Of course I wasn't lucky enough to stay in such style, and as they have a strict no children policy I've kind of missed the boat on that romantic getaway for two.  However from my brief tour, I was totally inspired by the beautiful limestone walls, use of mass planted wild grasses, sleek lines and modern, edgy feel of The Bale and would certainly recommend it for any brides-to-be.

Photos: Gardenique

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