Monday, 26 September 2011

kitchen garden week

This week is Kitchen Garden Week. The Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation has been running successfully since 2001 and is now in 700 schools! Kitchen Garden Week celebrates a collaboration with GPT shopping centres enabling the programme to reach a greater number of people. Right now there are 7 GPT Kitchen Gardens around Australia and we are lucky enough to be just down the road from the one in Norton Street Plaza.

The rooftop Kitchen Garden is open to everyone, every day and is a beautiful use of what would normally be, wasted space. We visited the garden this morning and spent close to an hour touching, smelling & learning about all the edible plants and herbs. There are also organised cooking & gardening workshops, perfect timing for the school holidays. Sure makes a trip to Coles a bit more interesting!

Sunday, 25 September 2011

lovely noosa

We've just returned from a little holiday in Noosa, hence the rather long absence between posts (sorry). It was only meant to be for a week but we extended for another week and I could have easily extended it again, but alas the beat of the inner west calls and we are now unpacked and back in the routine swing. It wasn't until we returned that I realised how much I needed a rest and how refreshed I feel - full of design ideas, projects to do and plans to make. I don't know how long this renewed energy will last and I'm not sure how many projects will be done but there's definitely something to be said for getting away, even better if can to be to Noosa.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

perfect spot

Don't you just love this internal living wall at the Thomas Corner Eatery? I would eat my breakfast here every day if I could - the perfect spot.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

succulent tea

While drooling over the Flora Grubb website (if you haven't seen it, you will want to) I found some lovely teacups planted with succulents. Tab and I decided to give them a go - easy really, just find some old tea cups (mine are from ebay), fill with some succulent potting mix, stick them in and see how it goes. You should probably drill a hole in the bottom for drainage but at the risk of cracking the cup, I think if you're careful not to over water then it should be ok. I also added some white stones on the top for a finished look. Hours of amusement in our house.

potting up

adding the finishing touches

all done - Mine on the left, Tab's on the right (which might need a bit of help)

complete tea set

taste test - ewww!
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