Wednesday, 27 July 2011

design with a view

Very exciting - I have a new job to design a large terrace with a view, and what a great view it is! Last night on Top Design the designers had to create a rooftop garden (perfect timing) inspired by a particular theme, earth, wind, fire and water. I actually think they all did a really great job and particularly loved Lisa & Robert's 'Mediterranean rooftop garden'. The structure was placed carefully to enhance the view and I loved the draping calico and how it moved in the wind. Brimming with ideas and feel a trip to Cosh Living coming on.

*Photos from Top Design

here comes the sun

Its been the wettest July in 10 years (or something like that), but finally the sun is out. This is a good thing - we don't have to put on gumboots to go to the park, I can get some washing dry, and my succulents finally have a chance to dry out and bask in the sunlight. Tab and I did a bit of pottering today and she came up with some very creative pot plant ideas. I actually think the sticks look very cool - don't know about the 'rock plants' though. Tab keeps checking to see if anything has shot up but not even Dora is going to make them grow.
So many garden ideas for spring, I can feel it just around the corner....

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

i love, i want

I fell in love with the Acapulco chair years ago while drooling over Elle Decoration UK magazine. Then much excitement! they arrived in Australia at the end of last year. I tried for the giveaway on Design Files without luck and it was pushed to the back of my design catalogue memory. Today as I flicked through the latest issue of Real Living magazine, there it was on page 153 (Colour Courtyard Makeover) and the love was rekindled all over again.
Never mind that we have no other outdoor furniture in our garden and a long list of necessary must haves for the house - I love and I want and I will justify it however I can. Mmm, I do have a birthday coming up...

*photos from Acapulco Chair and Terrace Outdoor Living

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

the start of something wonderful...

I've been asked to help out with a design for a large beach house garden in Pearl Beach (no that's not the house in the photo!). We went up for the weekend recently and I was blown away by how beautiful and unspoilt it was - I guess I'm just used to the busy, dirty beaches of Sydney. With such an amazing natural landscape to start with, its a bit daunting to know how to enhance it, as I certainly can't top it. A great but challenging start for Gardenique, just hope I'm up to the task.

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