Monday, 15 August 2011

potager plans

As soon as the weather improves I plan to start planning and planting a jardin potager, otherwise known as a vegie patch. Since we were married we've led a very nomadic existence, moving houses (and countries!) every couple of years so a vegie patch of my own was never really an option. I tried pots of herbs and a few chillis but always yearned for lettuce, tomatoes, beans & passion fruits. Inspired by my new favourite book 'The Modern Kitchen Garden' by Janelle McCulloch (buy here), and the Kitchen Garden Program by Stephanie Alexander (see here), I hope to document the process on this blog and get my 3 year old involved as much as possible. Stay tuned!

The Book - The Modern Kitchen Garden
The inspiration - Chateau Villandry jardin potager

*Photos from Amazon

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