Wednesday, 14 March 2012

hello again

Oh would you look at the time!  My last post was months ago and I apologise readers for my blogging absence.  I know you've been checking back every day to see if Gardenique is back online!  (just jokes).  Well apart from a very busy christmas, a garden design to finish in Balmain, Sydney and another in Brighton, Melbourne, a very very wet Sydney summer and coming to grips with the news we are to be parents again (oops!), I really have no excuse for not posting BUT I'm back in the blogging swing of things and ready to be inspired.

Big things planned for 2012 including a new website (I know, I know, the current one is terrible!), some interesting, succulent projects, an online shop and hopefully a bit of travel to visit some gardens around the country including the Melbourne Flower Show in a few weeks - very exciting!  Thanks for your patience, I know its been a long break but Gardenique is back!

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